Day 9: Team Switzerland

“Good Morning Emily”

I woke up with a bit of a hangover. A pounding headache and the feeling of exploding if I lay down the wrong way. Nothing a morning walk and cappuccino couldn’t fix. We sat by the lakeside and watched sailboats and speedboats float about. As we did, we were greeted to a steaming cup of cappuccino smiling back at us.

We had plenty of time to explore, even going to an open chapel for some quiet time with God. On our way back down the road, we found the ferry and came to the conclusion that we had time to sail across to Bellagio for a few minutes. The boat ride was refreshing as was our quick walk through the town. We would have spent more time, but we had a brunch to attend in the name of the newly weds.

The ride to Bellagio and back
Brunch at the Tremesso (such a pretty hotel)

We had many a conversation with family and friends as we partook in the great bounty before us. Before long we had to say our farewells and be on our way. Where were we going?

We were off to Lugano.

On the surface of Lake Lugano

The Hotel Grand Cadenabbia was gracious enough to summon a taxi and hold our luggage in the mean time. Our taxi driver drove us all the way from Lake Como to our apartment in Lugano, Switzerland, which had a great view of the lake and was in walking distance of most of the town’s activities. As soon as we arrived we passed out for three hours. By the time we woke up to explore the town, half of the activities were closed. But I did spot something fun for us to do.

Paddle Boating!!!

I have only ever gone paddle boating in Baltimore’s inner harbor or that one time I went to Germany. It had been a while since I had done it, but there was a lake. There were paddle boats. I said to my mother, “Let’s do it!” So there we were, paddling away into the lake. Somewhere nearby, there we kids paddle boating, but unlike inner harbor, these kids were able to swim in the waters. They dove and splashed around, laughing in merriment as they invaded each other’s boats. We kept our distance, not wanting to ruin their fun. After half an hour of paddling, our legs were exhausted and we docked. It was time for dinner.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

We stopped at a restaurant where the gentlemen were very nice. I ordered a spaghetti alla carbonara, something I had been craving for a long time. There was one time I made it for the family, but once I revealed that the recipe calls for raw egg, they stopped eating it. Since then, I haven’t made it. But you should try it if you ever come across it. It has pasta, typically spaghetti, egg, bacon, and some cheese. It is really good. And this plate in front of me was to die for. We had a great view of the lake as we dined, and soon we were off and away.

Mandolin Orchestra in the square

On our way back to the apartment, we spotted what seemed to be an orchestra in a small square. We stopped to listen, but as we listened to the soft tones, I realized that they weren’t held like violins but rather like guitars. I looked between the people and realized half the orchestra consisted of Mandolins. I had wanted to learn mandolin, but in Lancaster there aren’t that many mandolin instructors readily available. I stayed around for a while, soaking in the music. Then we were gone for the night.

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