Orchestra in Piazza Vecchio

I was once a bright eyed university student, wandering back and forth from the Art Department to the Library, laboring away into the wee hours of the night finishing projects in the studios of said department, and occasionally glimpsing a simple flyer that would start me on an unexpected journey.

“Study Abroad in Florence”, it would entice. “Earn credits while exploring a new culture”. I scoffed, of course. An art student going to Florence. Ha! Cliché. There was no way I was going to go there. But that autumn of Junior year, I felt a sharp nudge by a certain Someone who always has my best interest in mind. That conversation became one with my family, then with my professors, then with the school sponsoring the program. Next thing I knew, I was off and away, sailing through the sky, across the pond and into the lovely country known as Italy.

And to this day, it has been one of the most immersive, enlightening, and life changing experiences of my life.

While I’d love tell that tale beat for beat, it is not why we are here. We are here because after Four years, I am finally returning, and this time I plan on not only returning to familiar places, but traveling to new ones as well, and sharing this journey with my family and friends.

Sunset over Florence, Italy

So with that being said, here is what to expect from this contemporary journal:

  • Every single day, I will post about what I have seen on my journey, as well as personal reflections
  • I will also be carrying an Art Journal. So I will be recording a lot of aspects from this trip via drawing and sketching for future projects
  • This may be a bit risky, but I’m carrying a polaroid camera. I will be doing ONE polaroid a day (because film is expensive)
  • I will be doing a devotional throughout this trip, and some of my thoughts on it may be included in my reflections
  • Discussion is encouraged. Just make sure you are respectful and courteous of whomever you are discussing with

Alright! Now that we got those points out of the way, who is ready for an Amazing adventure?

Hang tight everybody! Emily R Ward sails across the pond this Sunday/Monday (yay! overnight flights) Stay tuned.

It’s the Isle of Capri. But you know… we be sailing… er flying… we’re going somewhere

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